About Cardell Phillips Photography

I was introduced to photography by my uncle, Maurice, who was an avid photographer. Once, after I pestered him all afternoon, he let me take a photo with his brand new polaroid camera. I took it and marvelled at the feeling that I was in control. I aimed the camera at some family members, pressed the shutter release and heard a click. A moment later, the camera made a whirling sound and spit out the photo and...it looked pretty good!

After that I was hooked.

I bought my first camera, an Olympus Trip 35, soon after I got my first job in high school and started taking photos of my classmates. I've been taking photographs ever since.

I liked nature so I set out to be a nature photographer and started taking photographs in the city parks. When I thought I was ready, I took a workshop in the Canadian Rockies. After I leanred the basics I visited a few other famous wilderness areas. I had a few showings and sold a some photographs. But after awhile, I felt that I had to live near a wilderness area and get to know it in intimately in order to say something unique. I live in Chicago, which has some nice beaches but that's about it.

And so I let the dream die and hung up my camera.

A few years later, I dusted off my camera and began taking photographs of street signs and storefronts. From there I began taking photos of street scenes.

I enjoy street photography because you learn how to see everyday wonders and it gives you a voice to tell stories.

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